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OrthoRegen Now Open

OrthoRegen is the premier destination for Regenerative Medicine and Interventional Orthopaedics in Australia.  We specialise in non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments using orthobiologics (patient’s own cells) and other modalities to heal orthopaedic injuries and to help manage osteoarthritis.

Dr Paul Schiavo is the founder and director of OrthoRegen and is considered one of the most experienced interventional orthopaedic physicians in Australia.  He has trained with world leaders in the USA and brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the treatment of his patients.

We offer a holistic, non-surgical approach to osteoarthritis and orthopaedic injuries and work with a team of highly skilled physicians, surgeons and allied health professionals to help our patients reduce their pain, improve their health and live with a better quality of life.

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